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Get £60 cashback on this £10/pm iDMobile SIM only transaction

iD Mobile is Carphone Warehouse’s own network, known for its affordable SIM-only transactions. Now you can get an impressive cashback offer and make already affordable prices even better.

This iDSIM-only transaction costs just £10 per month on Mobiles.co.uk and comes with 20GB of 5G data, unlimited texting, and unlimited minutes. This is before cashback is considered. The £60 cashback offer effectively cuts your monthly costs from half to £5 per month. In principle, this is a deduction of 50%.

The cashback offer is great and halves the total toll costs over a year, but works with cashback based on redemption. This means that during the contract period of 12 months you have to claim cashback in 5 installments via the online form. You can read more about redeeming cashback on the Mobiles.co.uk website.

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This iD Mobile SIM handles only completely.

Is iD Mobile a great network?

You may not have heard of iD Mobile because of its low profile like EE and O2, but with more than 1 million customers, affordable plans are gaining popularity.

iD mobile is not following the example of some other mobile operators who are refunding the roaming charges. With the iD subscription, you can send data, text, and call to 50 destinations around the world at no extra cost. It also has the added benefit of a free rollover of unused data the following month.

This may be a SIM-only transaction, but iD offers affordable prices on some of the latest mobile phones. You get the same speed, coverage, and range as Three with both SIM-only and mobile plans. This is because iDMobile is a piggyback network.

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Get £60 cashback on this £10/pm iDMobile SIM-only transaction