Germany bans single-use plastic straws, food containers

Germany bans single-use plastic straws, food containers

BERLIN (AP) – Germany bans the sale of single-use plastic straws, cotton swabs and food containers, bringing it into line with a European Union directive aimed at reducing the amount of plastic waste that pollutes the environment.

The Cabinet agreed on Wednesday to terminate the sale of plastics, including disposable cutlery, plates, stir sticks and balloon holders, as well as polystyrene cups and boxes by July 3, 2021.

Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said the move was part of an attempt to move away from “throwaway culture”. Up to 20% of the waste collected in parks and other public places consists of single-use containers made of plastic, mainly polystyrene.

Plastic takes decades to break down and microscopic particles have been found in the bodies of fish, birds and other animals.

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