German police raid bans right-wing extremist group in 4 states

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BERLIN (AP) – German police raided sites linked to an extreme right-wing group on Tuesday after the country’s top security officer found it extremist

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer banned the Nordadler group, meaning “North Eagle,” early Tuesday. His office said that police raids were carried out in four German states.

It said the group primarily acted online and spread far-right extremist ideology and anti-Semitism.

Authorities say Northern Eagle members see themselves as supporters of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and plan to create a rural community of people who share their views.

The group uses social media channels such as Telegram, Instagram and Discord to promote its ideology, gain new members and approve attacks, such as the anti-Semitic shooting at a synagogue in Halle last year.

“Right-wing extremism and anti-Semitism do not belong here, neither in the real nor in the virtual world,” Seehofer said.

Earlier this year, he banned the neo-Nazi groups Combat 18 and United German Peoples and Tribes.

After the attack in Halle and the murder of a regional legislator for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party last year, Seehofer warned that right-wing extremism is a growing security threat to Germany.

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