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‘Genshin Impact’ is a money-making machine: in just one year and only on mobiles it has generated 2 billion dollars

It seems like yesterday that ‘Genshin Impact’, the free MiHoYo game, was released. The Chinese RPG reached all platforms and swept from the first moment, showing that the games made in China they are ready to conquer the world. A year has passed since then and the numbers speak for themselves: ‘Genshin Impact’ has been a success.

The game pointed ways from the first moment, generating 400 million euros in its first two months of life on iOS and Android. Now a year has passed and the figure is even more impressive. According to Sensor Tower, ‘Genshin Impact’ has generated $ 2 billion in revenue on iOS and Android alone.

$ 5.5 million a day

Top Grossing Mobile Games Worldwide Between Sep 28 2020 Sep 27 2021
Top Grossing Mobile Games Worldwide Between Sep 28 2020 Sep 27 2021

The five games that have generated the most revenue since the launch of ‘Genshin Impact’.

If we do the math, $ 2 billion in a year is $ 5.5 million a day on average. Not bad at all if we take into account that we are only talking about income generated on mobile, than developing the game cost 100 million dollars and that the company itself estimates that the annual budget to continue its development is 200 million dollars per year.

As Cai Haoyu, president of MiHoYo, explained to the Chinese publication 16P (via VG247), the studio has 2,400 employees of which 700 work alone on ‘Genshin Impact’. It’s a huge game, simply put. To make matters worse, the company intends to launch a new product every three to four years.

Going back to its performance on mobiles, Sensor Tower claims that it has been the third game that has generated the most revenue globally between September 28, 2020 (when it was released) and September 27, 2021. It lags behind such titans as ‘Honor of Kings’ (one of the most popular MOBAs in China) and ‘PUBG’, beating ‘Pokémon GO’ and ‘Roblox’.

In its first year of life, ‘Ghensin Impact’ has managed to surpass ‘Pokémon GO’ and ‘Roblox’ in revenue

And that’s not counting third-party stores, of course. Sensor Tower only takes into account revenue generated through Google Play and App Store, but it does not take into account the third-party stores that are on Android and that populate the ecosystem of app stores in China.

Globally, Google Play has been the largest source of income of the title representing 53.6% of the income. The App Store keeps the remaining 46.4%. It has been, in short, a good year for ‘Genshin Impact’, a title that has managed to win over players thanks to its availability on any platform and cross-play, among other things.

Vía | Sensor Tower