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General Dr. US Surgeon on Mix and Match Covid Booster. Vivek Murthy Guidance

US Surgeon President Dr. Vivek Murthy told CNBC on Friday that Americans should consider a primary vaccine series when choosing a booster, and all three available are safe and effective. said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention distributed a booster dose of Moderna’s Covid vaccine to the most at-risk adults and 18-year-olds who received at least two initial doses late Thursday, six months after the second injection. Approved distribution of Johnson & Johnson booster vaccination for all of the above. months ago.

The agency also released mix-and-match booster shots, and it was up to the doctor to decide which booster dose was most beneficial for the patient. Last month, six months after the second dose, the CDC approved a booster dose of Pfizer’s vaccine for Americans most at risk.

“If you get Pfizer and Moderna and it works in the primary series, I think it’s reasonable to stick with what you originally had,” Mercy said in an interview with Squawk Box.

“The good news is that you now have good options for Johnson & Johnson,” he said. “The data shows that people who received Johnson & Johnson and were boosted by Moderna or Pfizer showed a really strong antibody response.” The data also showed a strong immune response from the J&J booster dose. Shown, he also said.

“We now have a good choice. We have the flexibility to get which vaccine, and boosters will expand and improve people’s protection,” Mercy said. “So, if you qualify, I encourage people to go out and get that booster shot .”

According to Mercy, the CDC continues to assess whether boosters from the approved Covid vaccine should be considered fully vaccinated. “They can change that over time,” he said. “If that changes, boosters could be part of the requirement, but for now, boosters are not part of what’s needed to be fully vaccinated.”

Pfizer, whose vaccine is similar to Moderna’s, said from internal data that booster vaccination restored protection against serious illness from Covid by more than 95%. J & J said the booster vaccine increased antibody levels 12-fold when given 6 months after the initial dose.

According to CDC data, there are currently more than 11 million boosters in the United States. More than 9 million booster doses administered were from Pfizer after approval in late September.

General Dr. US Surgeon on Mix and Match Covid Booster. Vivek Murthy Guidance