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Gary Neville ‘NEVER smiled’ on the field because soccer used to ‘RUIN’ his week

Gary Neville ‘NEVER smiled’ on the field because football used to ‘RUIN’ his week … but the former Manchester United defender reveals his move to the punditer was the best thing that could happen as the ‘anger’ left him

  • Gary Neville has opened up about how soccer as a player would ‘ruin’ his week
  • Since then, the former Manchester United full-back has moved to television.
  • He explained how the decision to become an expert allowed him to let go of the ‘anger’
  • Neville also said that he never thought about asking Sky not to hire Jamie Carragher.







Gary Neville credits his move to television by allowing him to shake off the “rage” he had inside him as a Manchester United player.

The 46-year-old emerged at Old Trafford as part of the famous Class of ’92 group and went on to have great success with iconic boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

But Neville found it difficult to enjoy soccer and has opened up about how his mindset and feelings toward the game have changed since he moved to television.

All the anger left me. The second I left United, which was the second I finished my career, the anger left me, the tension left me, ” Neville said. SPORTbible ‘My Stories’ program.

‘If you think of me, I never smiled on the football field, never smiled in 20 years.

“I never saw football as a joy. Then when I quit football, I was able to become myself and get rid of it. I used to take it home with me at night and it used to ruin my week, like all of us.

Since retiring from professional soccer in 2011, Neville has become one of the authoritative experts on the game, working for Sky Sports.

Neville has his own podcast and is the face of Monday Night Football’s flagship show, alongside one of his enemies from his playing days, Jamie Carragher.

When asked if he could have stepped in to stop Carragher, who enjoyed some fierce battles with Neville and Manchester United as a player, Neville dismissed the idea that he could veto a potential colleague.

“ I wondered what it would be like at the end of my career when I went to work on television with players that I essentially didn’t get along with. Jamie Carragher is famous, ‘he explained.

“I was on Sky for two or three years before, I was doing Monday Night Football and if I had said ‘I don’t want it to come in’, it may have influenced Sky at the time, but it never would.

‘I was bigger than that and I always said’ no, we always have to have the best for the show ‘. We always have to have the best for what we do.

‘If I’m in Sky now I want the best production, the best studio, I want the best experts there, I want us to offer great entertainment. You have to.

“I always think that way and I have to say it became obvious in 12 months that I was going to have to adapt and change.”

Neville and Carragher have developed great on-screen camaraderie and displayed a chemistry on television that differs from the ferocity of their battles as players.

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