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Galaxy Z Fold 2 has ‘anti-erosion waterproof coating’ to protect key components from permanent damage

Samsung has not revealed much information about the Galaxy Z Fold 2 unveiling, and the company has not provided price and availability data either, although that portion will be released later in the next month. Even the press release was brief at best, but thankfully there is a significant number of leak seekers on Twitter that will provide valuable information for us. The latest surrounds the ‘waterproof’ of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and here are all the details you need to know.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 isn’t as waterproof, but the coating should protect the foldable flagship if you accidentally drop it in water

According to Max Weinbach on Twitter, the Galaxy Z Fold 2’s waterproof coating means that if you accidentally drop it in water, it won’t damage the inside, but it hasn’t mentioned whether the flagship has an Ingress Protection rating or not. Take the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for example; it has an IP68 dust and water resistance. The flagship can remain underwater for 30 minutes to a depth of 1.5 meters.

Two Galaxy Note 20 Ultra units are pre-ordered for less than $ 25 thanks to a bug on Samsung’s Finnish website [Update]

Unfortunately, such details were not provided for the Galaxy Z Fold 2, but if there is any information we don’t know, Samsung will likely let us know in the future when it opens pre-orders for the second foldable flagship. Other ways Samsung has improved the durability scale on the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is by using ultra-thin glass instead of using a thin polymer layer like with its Galaxy Fold.

Samsung has also added a new under-metal cushion along with a thicker protective layer, which is actually a polymer layer on top of Ultra Thin Glass to give the Galaxy Z Fold 2 extra durability. Overall, these are solid improvements over the original Galaxy Fold, but we’re sure almost all of us want to see an immersion test in the near future.

Hopefully a brave soul will test it on the Galaxy Z Fold 2, so keep an eye out.

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