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Funded Intrigue to develop a new attack surface management platform

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Startup information security company Intrigue announced a US $ 2 million seed round led by LiveOak Venture Partners on Tuesday for a new attack services management platform that helps secure corporate networks. The Intrigue Tools scan all public, exposed attack surfaces inside and outside a company.

The seed funding will also support the security and developer communities that contribute to Intrigue Core – an open-source asset discovery project that serves as the backbone of Intrigue’s business solutions.

Intrigue founder and CEO Jonathan Cran simultaneously revealed that his company’s network security tools uncovered the extensive infiltration carried out on a successful breach by a Chinese cyber-espionage unit to compile a list of Fortune 500 companies still exposed to last month’s Microsoft Exchange breach.

Last month, reports surfaced that a Chinese cyber-espionage unit was targeting theft of email from some 30,000 organizations by exploiting four newly discovered flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server email software. That attack has reportedly provided hundreds of thousands of victim organizations around the world with tools that give the attackers complete remote control over the affected systems.

You cannot protect what you cannot see. Intrigue goes well beyond the current offering to help enterprises understand their entire publicly accessible footprint, so they can both monitor and secure it, ” said Creighton Hicks, director at LiveOak Venture Partners, of the importance of Intrigue’s network security tools. IO.

Attack surface management (ASM) tools are designed to detect network vulnerabilities and prevent breaches. The network attack surface includes all vulnerabilities in attached hardware and software that can be accessed by unauthenticated users.

How It Works

Attack Surface Management is the practice of relentlessly mapping and securing all Internet-facing assets within the entire network perimeter of an organization. It has quickly become a top business priority as the massive adoption of cloud, SaaS and mobile within a distributed workforce means a growing, evolving and changing attack surface that is subject to an increasing number of advanced threats, Intrigue said.

The Intrigue platform is built on an open-core architecture that provides a comprehensive overview of an enterprise’s attack surface. For example, according to Intrigue’s tools, the average Fortune 500 company now has 631 unique application endpoints spread across their external attack surface and an additional 464 ports open.

Intrigue began with the idea that security teams must be able to scale to enable innovation while managing an ever-expanding and evolving attack surface. Doing this properly requires deep visibility of assets and awareness of their exposure to threat actors, ”explains Cran.

Rapid Market Path

Cran founded the company in 2019. He is a former director at Rapid7, Bugcrowd and Kenna Security, and architect of several leading security technologies, standards and frameworks.

Intrigue provides a comprehensive overview of a company’s attack surface. It is the only surface attack management solution that allows organizations to fully map their assets, monitor their environment and mitigate ongoing risks, he said.

Since opening its doors, the company has developed Intrigue Enterprise, which includes comprehensive nonlinear mapping technology for asset discovery, automatic scoping and vulnerability checking workflows, and extensive business integrations.

The open-source software project Intrigue Core includes a discovery engine for asset mapping, vulnerability identification and misconfiguration, along with in-depth fingerprinting and asset analysis.

In this moment of transition, technology becomes more dynamic and distributed. In the wake of yet another unprecedented wave of breaches, LiveOak is partnering with Intrigue to quickly bring the new platform to market, Intrigue’s founder said.

Intrigue’s founding team spent years in the trenches investigating the issue and building a platform for discovering world-class attack surfaces. With this investment, we are now in a position to further build on this foundation by investing in our business solution and by working closely with our customers, ”said Cran.

New Needs in Different Times

Managing enterprise security is a different story than ever before, especially with the rise of cloud native, notes Chris Aniszczyk, CTO at Cloud Native Computing Foundation.

Intrigue’s new and comprehensive approach to mapping, monitoring and managing attack surfaces, and its open source strategy, advance the state of cloud-native security, ”he said.

Attack surface management was born of necessity, recognizing that existing security tools cannot effectively discover and map an organization’s assets, offers Adrian Sanabria, senior research engineer at CyberRisk Alliance. Traditional vulnerability management offerings consistently lack assets, and penetration testing is too uncommon to reliably fill that gap.

I have yet to find a case where an organization used a solution like Intrigue and was not surprised by some important discoveries, ”he said.

The great thing about Intrigue is that it provides amazing detail about the attack surface and defensive stance not only of your organization but other organizations you depend on such as your suppliers, supply chain and critical infrastructure sector, adds Greg Conti, co-founder and director. to. at Kopidion, black hat trainer and founder of the Army Cyber ​​Institute.

What we think is the attack surface of our organization always differs from reality. Intrigue allows defenders to quickly and easily discover the truth of their attack surface, ”he said.

Essential Security Performance

Intrigue is an essential part of a company’s security operations mapping a highly detailed infrastructure for all types of assets. It also constantly monitors known threats and alerts an organization to potential exposure, offered Chris Gates, red team manager at Robinhood.

Intrigue is an extremely comprehensive asset detection and security assessment platform that provides early warning to its users to effectively mitigate risks, ”he said.

Almost everywhere, security teams are increasingly overwhelmed with data, said Greg Martin, general manager of security at Sumo Logic and a former cybersecurity adviser to NASA, the FBI and the Secret Service. They are inundated with an explosive number of security alerts due to fundamental changes in IT infrastructure, a shift to remote working and an increase in the frequency of advanced threats.

In order to optimize security operations and ensure that attention is focused on the most critical vulnerabilities, it is essential that an organization receives actionable information to quickly analyze any threat and immediately identify both its importance and the level of exposure within their environment. judge. This process used to be very manual, time consuming and error prone. Now an organization can just use Intrigue, ”he said