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Friday FanDuel, DraftKings Picks: MLB DFS line-up advice for daily fantasy baseball tournaments

Friday’s MLB schedule doesn’t include a full slate, but with 11 games starting after 7pm ET (and no real weather concerns in the forecast), there are plenty of attractive options for MLB DFS lineups. It’s not even difficult to find two high-quality starting pitcher options for DraftKings games. In any case, it is more difficult to choose a pitcher in FanDuel tournaments.

No matter what kind of competition you prefer, there are plenty of ways to build your line-up. We’re going with two slightly different strategies for our FD and DK teams, so use the examples below as a guideline when building your setup.

LAKE: DFS Lineup Builder

Friday FanDuel Picks: MLB DFS Lineup Advice

The following choices are for a FanDuel single-entry tournament.

We chose to pay a starter on FanDuel because of the added points for a quality start. We can’t count on many pitchers who have at least six innings in their first starts of the season, so we go with an experienced workhorse like Justin Verlander as hopefully he should get a long leash.

Since we’re paying top dollar for a pitcher, we’re going for a star and scrub approach with our hitters. A Red Sox stack against left-wing Tommy Milone and Baltimore’s relief corps makes sense, although we don’t like that Jose Peraza becomes ninth. Yet it hits left-handed people well and is cheap. JD Martinez is probably too expensive for its benefit, so we’ll take advantage of that.

We also take advantage of the universal DH – and the lack of proper pricing to justify it – and use it Justin Smoak, Matt Carpenter, and Jay Bruce. There is a real possibility that no one will be in the respective line-ups of their teams, if not for the extra hitter, so we hope for cheap points.

SP: Justin Verlander, Astros vs. Mariners ($ 11,200).

C / 1B: Justin Smoak, Brewers @ Cubs ($ 2,700).

2B: Jose Peraza, Red Sox vs. Orioles ($ 2,500).

3B: Matt Carpenter, Cardinals vs. Pirates ($ 2,500).

SS: Xander Bogaerts, Red Sox vs. Orioles ($ 3,600).

OR: Jay Bruce, Phillies vs. Marlins ($ 2,100).

OR: Khris Davis, A’s vs. Angels ($ 2,700).

OR: JD Martinez, Red Sox vs. Orioles ($ 3,900).

UTIL: Francisco Lindor, Indians vs. Royals ($ 3,800).

Friday DraftKings Picks: MLB DFS Lineup Advice

The following choices are for a DraftKings single-entry tournament.

We don’t pay for a top pitcher on DK, but we don’t go cheap either. We think between match-ups, parks and the positive side Jack Flaherty and Chris Paddack can get the job done, although Paddack’s matchup is a bit more worrying.

Our primary stack comes from the A’s (which would have been a good reason to take Frankie Montas with the pitcher, but we generally have a little less faith in him), and while it’s not cheap, it’s not prohibitively expensive. We also have mini stacks from the Red Sox and Padres, and we’re going to use them Mike Trout as long as we can.

In all-night slate games, many will opt for more guys starting early because they know they are in the lineup and the games will start on time so if we rely so heavily on West Coast guys we can get a give a little differentiation, even if it means having hitters in unwanted margins.

SP: Jack Flaherty, Cardinals vs. Pirates ($ 9,000).

SP: Chris Paddack, Padres vs. Diamondbacks ($ 8,600).

C: Sean Murphy, A’s vs. Angels ($ 3,500).

1B: Michael Chavis, Red Sox vs. Orioles ($ 3,000).

2B: Ty France, Padres vs. Diamondbacks ($ 3,000).

3B: Manny Machado, Padres vs. Diamondbacks ($ 4,000).

SS: Marcus Semien, A’s vs. Angels ($ 4,300).

OR: Khris Davis, A’s vs. Angels ($ 4,000).

OR: JD Martinez, Red Sox vs. Orioles ($ 4,800).

OR: Mike Trout, Angels @ A’s ($ 5,700).

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