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Fresh coronavirus outbreak in Shropshire caravan park

Twenty-one new cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in a Shropshire caravan park.

The county council fears that the number of cases at the site, in the town of Craven Arms, will continue to rise before anti-infection measures take effect.

All residents who came into contact with one of the positive cases were asked to isolate themselves with their household for 14 days.

The 21 people who tested positive for coronavirus were asked to isolate themselves for at least seven days from when they started showing symptoms or from when they received their positive test result.

A test center has now been set up on a nearby business park and a test has been offered to everyone who lives on the site.

The center will be open between 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM for the next two weeks, and those who live nearby can book a test online through NHS Test and Trace or by calling 119.

A playground close to the caravan park is also closed to help reduce social contact and the risk of handover.

Councilor David Evans said, “Our priority is to protect the health and wellbeing of our neighbors.

“I’ve been to Craven Arms to talk to residents and businesses to answer questions and reassure them that the risk to the general public is low.”

He added, “I would like to thank community members for their own continued support and cooperation.

“We continue to trust that everyone on the site plays a role and we want to encourage residents to continue to isolate themselves and take all necessary precautions.

“This is the only way we can help stop the spread of the virus.”

Shropshire County Council said staff had been on site to provide residents with information on how to prevent the spread of the virus, its symptoms, and what to do if they feel unwell.

It said it had distributed personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, cleaning products and other supplies to residents.