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France fines Google US $ 265 million for favoring its online advertising services

On Monday, France’s competition regulator fined Google 220 million euros ($ 267.37 million) for favoring its own services in the internet advertising market, dealing another blow to the tech titans in Europe. Technology from the United States.

The procedure, which was resolved amicably, concerns so-called “programmatic advertising,” in which advertisers buy the right to place their ads on the screens of Internet users based on their profiles in real-time.

Advertisers purchase these spots through automated auction platforms, such as Google’s, which is a market leader.

Other parts of this sector, such as advertising servers, which allow publishers to sell space on auction platforms, are also served by the American behemoth.

At a news conference, Isabelle de Silva, the president of the French regulator, revealed how Google exploited its “vertical integration” to “skew the process” and “take advantage of it in an unfair way.”

Google, for example, could use its advertising servers installed on publishers’ websites to figure out the pricing of competitor auction platforms and provide more appealing prices, according to De Silva.

The competition watchdog claimed that Google’s actions were “especially problematic” because they “punished Google’s competitors in the SSP market (advertising space auction platforms, ndlr) as well as publishers of websites and mobile applications.”

In the first quarter of 2021, Alphabet, Google’s parent company, earned a revenue of $ 55.31 billion, largely due to internet advertising.

The company’s practices are being investigated by authorities in a number of nations.