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Four-legged snipers: company mounts precision rifle on Boston Dynamics Spot robot

It’s all laughter when we see the robot Spot from the public at the Olympic games, as a safety inspector or a garden cleaner. But what would happen if we put a sniper rifle on his back? It is the idea that they have used in Sword Defense Systems, with the somewhat disturbing aspect that you can see in the header image.

Targets more than 1 km and thermal vision for shooting in the middle of the night

The proposal is very serious and is baptized with the name of Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle or SPUR. It consists of a 7.7 kg precision rifle prepared to be mounted on top of four-legged robots such as Spot, capable of shooting targets up to 1.2 km away.

The weapon has a ceramic coating, a material difficult to locate with night vision goggles; and its design makes the recoil caused by its shots manageable by the robot carrying the rifle. Its magazine is 10 bullets of 6.5mm and has a thermal viewfinder with 30x zoom.

At the moment this rifle has only been presented and it is unknown if there are agencies interested in buying it, but Ghost Robotics has not hesitated to mention the special operations forces of the United States when announcing the weapon on Twitter. A squad of these four-legged snipers could take on missions that humans deem too risky.