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‘Fortnite’ won’t return to App Store anytime soon: Apple blocks Epic Games until lawsuit is fully resolved

The battle between Apple and Epic Games in court is ongoing. At the beginning of September, the US Justice issued a ruling and determined that, on the one hand, Epic Games had to pay six million dollars to Apple for breaking the contract with the App Store and, on the other hand, that Apple must allow other payment systems to developers.

This was not enough for Epic Games, which appealed the sentence. The judgment, therefore, keep going and go long. And it is that Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has reported on his Twitter account that Apple has blacklisted ‘Fortnte’ from the Apple ecosystem until all judicial appeals are exhausted. According to Sweeney, this process could take up to five years.

Doesn’t look like ‘Fortnite’ is coming back anytime soon

According to Sweeney himself, in a mail sent to Phil Schiller the CEO of Epic Games said the company “promises that will adhere to Apple guidelines as long as we launch products on the platforms. “In addition, the CEO added the following:

“Epic will re-submit ‘Fortnite’ to the App Store if [Apple] it adheres to the plain language of the court order and allows applications to include buttons and external links that direct customers to other purchasing mechanisms without onerous terms or impediments to a good user experience. “

In other words, Epic Games would re-launch ‘Fortnite’ on iOS on the condition that Apple, abiding by the court ruling, allow a button or link that takes players to make purchases on an external platform. If it does, this matter would be resolved and only the dispute over the App Store and its lack of alternatives on iOS would remain. But no.

Sweeney claims that late the night before, Apple reported to the company that “‘Fortnite’ will be blacklisted from the Apple ecosystem until all court appeals are exhausted, which could be a process of up to 5 years“.

In the email posted by the CEO of Epic Games, Apple claims that Tim Sweeney has publicly said that “[no] would change [un sistema de pago alternativo] to get ‘Fortnite’ back on iOS “and that” in light of this and other statements since the court’s decision, along with Epic’s deceptive conduct in the past, Apple has exercised its discretion not to reset the Epic Developer Program account at this time“.

What’s more, Apple has gone further and said that it “will not consider any further reset requests. until the district court ruling is final and unappealable“. Tim Sweeney, for his part, has said that the statement quoted by Apple does not actually say that and that it has been “manufactured.”