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Fortnite has cars in Chapter 2, Season 3, but where are they?

UPDATING: Cars in Fortnite have finally arrived.

Fortnite cars were something that was teased at the beginning of Chapter 2 Season 3, but it took a while for them to actually arrive. Epic Games have now told us that they are getting ready to put steerable cars into the game from Wednesday, August 5.

The event will be teased during the Fortnite Joy Ride update and will feature a number of different cars.

One of the teasers for the Joy Ride Update includes a semi truck, which indicates that we could drive the big car. This would be in line with the plagues at the start of the game, which also showed semi-truck driving.


Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 is here after a long wait, and one of the biggest questions is whether gamers can drive a car.

Epic Games has released a few trailers for Fortnite to announce the start of Season 3. One was just continuing the story of Fortnite while the other told you what was new in the game. We focus on the second, the Battle Pass trailer.

In this trailer you can hear a voice telling the scenes and at some point he says that there are “new ways to move” while images show images of people driving cars.

Fortnite has had steerable vehicles in the past, such as the golf cart, the quadcrasher, airplanes, and helicopters. But these were all the same type of vehicle. In the trailer you see people driving all variants of cars, from ordinary cars to trucks and even a semi-truck.

But if you start your game now and try to drive a car … well, you can’t.

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Where are the cars in Fortnite?

The cars can be anywhere on the map, but unfortunately the ability to drive cars is not yet in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3. The trailer clearly indicates that you can drive a car somewhere this season, you just can’t do it so right away.

“During your adventure, there will be new areas to discover. New ways to move and new surprises,” the trailer claims.


Epic Games did not specify exactly when you can drive cars and trucks, but it did give some pointers.

“As time passes and the water recedes, more locations will be discovered,” said Epic Games. “And as the roads open up, you’ll discover new ways to get around.”

So at some point in Season 3, the water will drop and you can drive around in different vehicles. The cars will be a welcome edition once added. One of the biggest complaints since the launch of Chapter 2 is the lack of mobility. Now with boats, helicopters and all these cars, there are plenty of ways to explore the map.

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