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Ford hires Doug Field, CEO of Apple Car and former Tesla executive: Apple’s car in uncertainty again

One of the most promising people to take the Apple Car project on track has left the company. Doug Field, Vice President of Special Projects at Apple, to Join Ford as head of advanced technology and embedded systems. This again raises questions about the development of Apple’s top-secret car, which has been rumored for more than seven years.

In an official statement from Ford, its CEO stated that “Doug is one of the world’s most respected product design and engineering leaders and has been a driving force behind innovative products in automobiles, technology and mobility.” Inside Ford will be in charge of aspects such as integration and validation, architecture, connectivity or the cutting-edge technologies of the company’s future vehicles.

In your record, Doug Field has gone through different large companies related to automotive. He started his career at Ford in fact, but has gone through Segway, Tesla or Apple among others. At Tesla he played an important role in the launch of the Tesla Model 3. At Apple he has been working two separate seasons, the last from 2018 until now as vice president of special projects (aka the Apple Car).


A setback for Project Titan

The relevance of this signing is due to the doubts raised by Apple’s secret project to have a car of your own. For years the project has been a coming and going of executives, change of plans and new strategies.


Since 2018 Doug Fiel had led the project for day-to-day operations, reporting directly to John Giannandrea, Head of Artificial Intelligence at Apple. Who is going to take care of it now is unknown, although even more so is the why abandon one of the most promising projects of the moment.

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The latest rumors claimed that the Apple Car could begin to be produced in mace from 2024. For this, Apple will ally with a car manufacturer with experience in the market such as Kia. Whether these plans go ahead or not is something we do not know, as there is nothing official about it. The only official thing is that Doug Field has left the project, thus creating more questions about what the current progress is.

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