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Flawless floors? Time to clean your car and furniture with Roborock’s versatile handheld H6

Roborock’s name has almost become synonymous with smart vacuum cleaners. The company has introduced some of the best robovacs this industry has seen without praising it exorbitantly. This year, as everyone had to withdraw indoors due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdowns, the company was forced to rethink its strategy to focus only on AI-powered floor vacuum cleaners.

To help its consumers get a 360-degree cleaning experience at home without outside help, Roborock has introduced Roborock H6, the first portable vacuum cleaner ever, which continues the design aesthetic of the company built in recent years.

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“Self-contained and wall-mounted charging dock options make it easy to find the perfect storage spot.”

Roborock H6: lightweight, wireless, powerful!

Roborock H6 is a lightweight, portable, cordless vacuum that offers innovative features such as the five-layer air purification system. This powerful cleaning unit is the world’s first cordless stick vacuum that uses a lithium polymer battery, operating in Eco mode for 90 minutes and in Max mode for 10 minutes.

Remove over 99.99% of allergens during cleaning with a Roborock-designed 5-stage air purification system proven to trap dust mites, pet dander, pollen and more.

Roborock H6 may be the company’s first traditional cleaner, but it certainly doesn’t hold back! Along with the long-lasting battery, Roborock H6 has a handle-mounted OLED screen that displays information such as battery life, maintenance alerts and other notifications. While the usual Roborock robot vacuum cleaners like the latest S6 MaxV great for cleaning floors and carpets, the Roborock H6 adds another dimension as it can help keep your furniture, curtains, ceilings, shelves and car seats clean.

“Front and rear filters, as well as the entire trash can are easily removed for washing, increasing overall cleanliness and extending service life.”

Floors are not the only part of the house that needs to be cleaned regularly. Given the current scenario, when everyone is recommended to limit external professional help while If you spend all day in the house, keeping everything clean to protect against harmful dirt and allergens has become critical.

Roborock H6 comes with a variety of attachments, including a dusting brush, crevice nozzle, motorized mini brush and more, to fit different angles and crevices of your home. Together with its multiple tools, the lightweight H6 150AW has suction power, allowing it to vacuum the smallest particles and mites from the furniture. If you don’t own a Roborock smart robovac, you can also use Roborock H6 to clean your rugs and carpets thanks to the custom carpet brush powered by a 50W motor.

Roborock S6 MaxV: revolutionary advanced obstacle avoidance, smart mopping and more suction power than ever before

Powerful suction, long battery life that retains 80% of the original charge even after 400 charge cycles, and the super lightweight 3 pound design, Roborock H6 is the perfect companion for your smart vacuum cleaner for only $ 449.99 *.

Note: A limited time promotion is currently available on Roborock H6, saving you $ 50 off the original price.

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