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Know How to Fix Common Tan Problems This Summer!

Normally, when it comes to getting the best spray tan in OKC certainly, the misconceptions also follow the lead. However, industry experts recommend not to trust all the harmful stereotypes. Just like ordinary sunbed tanning, airbrush tanning also sometimes gets affected by choices. Today, our quick blog will take you through the most common problems that come with tanning and knowing how to fix them. Take a look! 

Streaks on the Skin 

There are high chances that your skin may experience discoloration in the form of lines. This only happens when the technician sprays the formula too close, or you overlap your arms, torso, and legs during the process. Or else, the reason can be when too much oil is mixed with the formula. Not to worry, you can simply fix this by not spraying too much on your skin and ensure that the formula dries off in the least formula. 

Patchy Leftovers 

Normally, the chemical formulas available in the market come with alcohol, which helps the tan dry faster. At times, this also leads to uneven fading and patches on the skin. Definitely, this is something that no woman would embrace at all, especially when the beach season is approaching. To fix this, avoid formulas with alcohol. And, go with organic tanning. Elite salons like Slate OKC offer the same formula as a whole blend of organic sugar, green tea, apples, and grapefruit seed extracts. Isn’t that awesome? Go book your session now, and let us know how your experience was!

Way Too Much Color

This is one of the common issues that women have complained of. It probably occurs when the DHA percentage in the formula is way too strong. The key solution to this is to check whether the artist is fully aware of using the right DHA strength. 

Experiencing Flakes Allover

This issue comes into the row when you may have too much dry skin. Or else, the skin nourishment is often triggered by the alcohol content present in the chemical-based tan formula. This is why expert technicians always recommend exfoliating your skin before the session and moisturize regularly. 

Face Tan Fading Quicker 

Another common problem that is pretty normal amongst female tan lovers is when the face tan begins to fade much quicker than the rest of the body. This usually happens when someone puts on and removes makeup in routine while washing their face too much. To fix this on your very next tanning results, try to maintain a healthy skin regimen and moisturize it well while using minimal makeup.