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Fitbit Charge 5: Fitbit’s most advanced quantifier bracelet measures stress and (finally) has a color screen

After filtering by active and passive on different occasions, Fitbit has presented its new Fitbit Charge 5. It is the latest generation of smart wristbands from the company, now owned by Google, and its most complete model to date.

The Fitbit Charge 5 is an evolution with respect to the Charge 4. Not only because of its color screen and its smaller size, but because it incorporates a sensor EDA (released on the Fitbit Sense to measure stress), EKG function and Daily Readiness, a system to know if we should play sports or rest.

Fitbit Charge 5 datasheet





Super AMOLED color touch screen

Gorilla Glass 3

Always On


Three-axis accelerometer


Heart rate


Device temperature sensor

Ambient light sensor


EDA scanner


Up to 7 days

Charge in two hours


  • Save all the data of your movements for seven days, minute by minute.
  • Save daily totals for the last 30 days.
  • Stores heart rate data in one-second intervals during exercise monitoring and five-second intervals the rest of the time





iOS 12.2 or higher

Android 8.0 or higher


Water resistant up to 50 meters

Operating temperature: -10 to 45 ° C

Maximum operating altitude: 8535 meters


179,95 euros

An entire evolution

Fitbit 2
Fitbit 2

The first thing that catches the attention of the Fitbit Charge 5 is the change it has undergone on the outside. The Charge range is Fitbit’s best-selling range, with more than 40 million units sold since its launch, according to the company, and for the new model the firm has decided to abandon monochrome displays and implement a much more premium design.

La Fitbit Charge 5 es lighter and smaller than the Charge 4, with 10% less thickness. The sides are made of stainless steel, something that is not trivial, since on these sides we find the EDA sensors and the electrocardiogram. We will talk about them in more detail in a moment.

One of the great novelties of the Fitbit Charge 5 is its color AMOLED screen

The AMOLED screen is finally in color, something we missed in the previous model, and it is twice as bright. It’s tactile, of course, and the operating system interface has been improved to resemble that of the Fitbit Sense. Has automatic brightness, way Always On and the covers can be changed from the mobile application.


It is, as we can see, a discreet bracelet focused on the most active consumers. Have integrated GPS chip, it is capable of monitoring 20 different exercises, optimizing training with the active zone minutes and, as a novelty, it launches the Daily Readiness function.

What is Daily Readiness? In short, the device measures our activity level, our sleep and heart rate variability to understand our body’s fatigue. In this way, the bracelet will help us understand if we are too tired to exercise again or if, on the contrary, we are recovered and ready to go back to training.

Speaking of health, let’s talk about the EDA sensor. This sensor measures electrodermal activity (small electrical changes) of the skin to detect our level of stress. We saw it on the Sense for the first time and now it comes in a smaller, more affordable format. We also have an electrocardiogram, skin temperature variation detection, heart rate variability, SpO2, sleep analysis and alerts of higher or lower heart rate of the account.

Fitbit 3
Fitbit 3

The bracelet per se is quite complete, but you will earn integers with the Fitbit Premium subscription. Thanks to this subscription, we can not only access more detailed metrics and personalized analysis, but also access mindfulness and training video guides. 500 videos in total, they say from Fitbit. Highlight the recent association with Calm, thanks to which Premium users will be able to access 30 relaxation videos.

This is how your measuring bracelet takes care of your health: from managing stress to preventing obesity

For the rest, the bracelet incorporates a battery capable of offering up to seven days of autonomy (although it will depend on the use we make of it), it is compatible with Google Fast Pair and is capable of receiving calls and notifications. In the case of linking it to an Android mobile, we can answer them with quick messages.

Fitbit Charge 5 versions and price


The Fitbit Charge 5 It will be available soon, but the pre-sale begins today, August 25. Its price is 179.95 euros and includes six months of Fitbit Premium. It can be obtained in gold, black and silver with different colored straps.