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Fisher-Price’s iconic toy phone is back, this time as a mobile phone that even makes calls

The Chatter Telephone de Fisher-Price It is one of the most emblematic toys of the company. Surely it is familiar from the movie ‘Toy Story 4’, since it is this phone that helps good old Woody save his friends from the clutches of Lotso, the pink bear that smells like strawberries. An emblematic toy where there are any that now returns as a functional phone.

The Fisher-Price Bluetooth Chatter Telephone is a special edition that the company says is “smart enough not to come with apps.” It is, say, a kind of Bluetooth speaker / microphone that, once we connect to the mobile, will allow us to make calls through it.

Yes it has a dial and yes it works

The device is, as we said, an accessory for the mobile. We can connect to smartphone to make and answer calls directly from the toy. What’s more, having wheels we can take it with us anywhere and use it thanks to the integrated battery.

Battery lasts nine hours on calls and up to 72 hours on standby. To charge it, we will simply have to connect the toy through the microUSB port. This battery also powers the speaker, which allows us to use the hands-free.


The dial is fully functional. If we receive a call on the mobile we can accept it from the loudspeaker (and hang it up by releasing the phone), but the most curious thing is that we can use the dial to dial the numbers and make a call. Very vintage and nostalgic, but all told, it is not the fastest system.


For the rest, the design is nailed to the toy that it already carries 60 years in the market. Its price is $ 60 and it seems that it can only be purchased in the United States through Best Buy.

Via | Gizmodo