First trans man nominated for an Emmy for his work on ‘Studio City’

First trans man nominated for an Emmy for his work on 'Studio City'

Walking to the Hollywood Walk of Fame is routine for actor Scott Turner Schofield, who lives just a few blocks away. The monument inspires him while he dreams of a day with his own star.

Schofield is a trans man and has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy as an “Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Drama Series” for his work as Max on the show “Studio City,” which airs on Amazon Prime.

“The hard work they had to do, the dreams they make come true, and that is absolutely possible to me, even though none of these stars belong to someone like me,” said Schofield, looking at the stars.

What you need to know

  • Nominated in the Outstanding Guest Performer in a Digital Drama Series Category
  • Schofield plays Max on ‘Studio City’, which airs on Amazon Prime
  • Schofield is a trans rights activist

The nod is historic because he’s the first trans man to be nominated for an acting Emmy – daytime or primetime.

“I can always be an Emmy nominated actor,” said Schofield. “That means a lot to me personally, as a jury of my colleagues voted for me, that I was a good actor.”

But as much as he is an actor, he is also an activist trying to uplift the transgender community.

By using his platform, he wants to be visible to young children who question their gender identity and feel that they don’t belong as he once did.

“I have never seen anyone like me, I have never seen a transgender, until the Oscar-winning film” Boys Don’t Cry, “in which this transgender man is brutally assaulted and murdered,” he said.

While the entertainment industry’s representation remains low for the transgender community, Schofield also hands out as a trans advisor for shows such as HBO’s “Euphoria” and HBO Max’s “Legendary”. He helps guide writers and producers from script to screen, he said.

“You know everyone wants to tell the story well, so I help them with that because there is only expertise you have to live it,” he said.

The 47th Daytime Emmy Awards aired Friday – two days before the anniversary of Stonewall Uprising and in the month of Pride’s 50th anniversary, and in a year when Black Lives Matter requires people to pay attention.

“Trans men are black, they are white, they are Latinx,” he said. “We are all different types of people and we are worth paying attention to.”