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First teaser of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ in real Netflix image: a plunge full of winks in the original anime universe

With a playful style that nods to the pre-digital aesthetic of the original series, Netflix has unveiled the first teaser of its live version of ‘Cowboy Bebop’. It is not yet a full-fledged trailer, but it does perfectly fulfill its function: to put the respectable’s long teeth by imitating the dance rhythm of the anime.

Fans of the original Shinichirō Watanabe anime can still shake, especially considering that in many respects the original work has an inimitable charm. But Netflix’s intent cannot be denied: the split-screen games and meta nods to the action and choreography fit in perfectly with the spirit of the original.

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Acid photography, flesh and blood anime

We could already see that the credits of the new series faithfully replicated the original anime, thanks in large part to Yoko Kanno’s score that also gives an unmistakable rhythm to the action sequences and the humorous touches of the new teaser. Will the Netflix series be more than an applied exercise in mimesis of the animated classic?