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First it was the Pixels, and now Google prepares its ARM chip for its Chromebooks

Soon we will have before us the new Pixel 6 with the new Tensor chips from Google. The company debuts as a manufacturer of mobile SoCs, but things won’t stop there.

In fact new data coming from Nikkei Asia reveals that future Chromebooks will also be based on ARM chips developed by Google itself. Those teams could arrive in 2023, according to the data.

Google has been “particularly inspired” by Apple’s success

Anonymous sources revealed in the Japanese medium how Google has been “particularly inspired” by Apple’s success with its ARM chips not already in its iPhone or iPad, but with the M1 that were launched at the end of last year.

Designing your own processors has important advantages: with this strategy Google will be able to better control the life cycle of its products and launch dates, but also will be able to customize these microprocessors so that they are perfectly adapted to your needs.

Google’s decision – it is not the only one, and it is said that Microsoft also raises something like this – is another bad news for the large traditional manufacturers: Intel and (somewhat less) AMD are gradually losing some of their great traditional customers, who now see how the jump to ARM chips gives them much more leeway when it comes to not depending on the traditional giants of the sector.

Via | Gizmodo