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First Aid Supplies

First aid or basic life support is the skill everyone must master. There is absolutely no guarantee that if someone you love will require medical aid immediately, you will not tend to be the only responder. However it is up to you to pick up some first aid skills, it is important to note that even the best EMT can do little without the proper first aid supplies and equipment. Let’s look into the essentials.

Vinyl Gloves

The lifesaver’s life and safety is a priority when it comes to first aid. There are dozens of viruses and bacteria around us that can be transferred from human to human via contact through biological fluids like blood, saliva, and vomit. Hence, it is important to have vinyl gloves among your first aid supplies to put on before applying any first aid on a patient.


A casualty may become a fatality in a few minutes due to massive blood loss. It is, therefore, paramount to procure reliable tourniquets for you and those around you. It is advisable to have several of them. One may not work properly, or there might be several injuries that require treatment. Remember the principle: one is none, two is one.

CPR Supplies

To ensure that CPR is done safely and at maximum effect, you will need several CPR masks. Using one will allow you to proceed with the pulmonary element without the fear of accidentally contracting a disease from the patient.

Automatic Defibrillator

Before paramedics arrive on the scene, it is important to properly identify the threat in an unresponsive patient. If used at the right time and in conjunction with effective CPR, an automatic defibrillator (AED) increases the likelihood of recovery by 92%. Although not in the list of the cheapest first aid supplies, an AED is an absolute must have if you can afford it.

Wound Treatment Supplies

There are minor or non-life threatening wounds that you or people around you may suffer on a daily basis. Small cuts, bruises, and scratches may become more than a nuisance if you let them get infected. Betadine antiseptic, bandaids, and bandages are among the essential first aid supplies you need to have in any first aid kit.

Burn Treatment Supplies

Burns are more commonplace than one might think. From spilling hot coffee on yourself  to having a severe sunburn from sunbathing, every kind of burn needs proper and immediate care. To help cool the burned surface, you’ll need gel burn dressings that will also soothe the pain a bit.

Kits, Signs, and Storage

If you decide to buy first aid supplies separately, you’ll need a case or a bag to organize and store your gear and have it ready and available at any time. To save some time, you can also consider the option of buying an industrial grade first-aid kit with all the essentials and the storage provided as a set. In this case, make sure that all the components, as well as the kit as a whole, are certified. Also, it is a great idea to place a sign indicating the place where the first aid kit or AED are stored. This will ensure that even a first-time visitor can find and use it, should the need arise.

Keep your gear ready and your mind sharp, and stay safe!