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‘Finch’ trailer: Tom Hanks and Apple TV + portray the most emotional apocalypse of the year

With his expected triumph at the Emmy thanks to the acclaimed ‘Ted Lasso’ still recent, Apple TV + announces his first major exclusive feature film, starring one of Hollywood’s leading stars, Tom Hanks. ‘Finch’ is a film that, as usual in these cases, plays on the small scale of ingredients: a single protagonist and, from what you see in the trailer, perhaps a single character in the entire film.

To keep that shortage of elements in play, nothing better than a post-apocalypse, with the story of a robotics engineer and survivor of a cataclysm that lives in a bunker with his dog Goodyear and a cute (and amazingly intelligent) robot that he has created to take care of the dog when he is not around. But soon they will have to set out on a journey together, traversing the United States in a caravan and perhaps running into less friendly survivors.

The end of the world, better if it’s emotional

The film is part of the slow, but at the moment very safe strategy of Apple TV + by establish itself as a non-exclusive, but very powerful alternative to the large streaming platforms. The film fits perfectly with the proposals of extraordinary technical quality that the series of the platform have. This is because originally the film, announced under the title of ‘BIOS’, was going to be released now a year ago in theaters by Universal, but suffered several delays with the pandemic. Finally, with its new title, it was sold to Apple TV +, which will premiere on November 5.

The Argentine Miguel Sapochnik, director of the film, is known above all for his work in ‘Game of Thrones’, in front of which he won an Emmy for directing the famous episode of the Battle of the Bastards. In cinemas he has only directed another film, also science fiction, the discreet ‘Repo men’, although most of his work has taken place on television, in series as diverse as ‘Altered Carbon’, ‘Banshee’ or ‘House’