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Finally good news in the mobile market after the plague of the coronavirus: it is up 27% worldwide and Realme grows 183% in Europe

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly made history, also in relation to mobile sales. The market fell like never before in 2020 as they failed to recover even as the (absolute) closures neared their end, but it looks like 2021 will finally bring some good news for the mobile industry.

While the chip shortage for these is expected to cause problems even in 2022, sales are improving in the first quarter of 2021, according to Canalys. The stage changes slightly compared to last quarter, although it is noticeable that Huawei has finally left the top 5.

The prominence of Samsung worldwide

According to Canalys data, the global smartphone market is up 27% over the same period from last year. A total of 347 million units have been distributed, a number well above the roughly 294 million Gartner quantified in August last year, as this market continued to decline.