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Filtered the “smart glasses” of Facebook and Ray-Ban: they have two cameras and aim to be like the Spectacles of Snapchat

If all goes as planned, we will have a Facebook event today. In it, the Zuckerberg company will show us some smart glasses developed together with Ray-Ban, glasses whose design we already know gracias a Evan Blass (a.k.a. EvLeaks).

The well-known leaker has posted on his Twitter account some photos of these glasses. In them we can see that they will be available in various colors and that they will have two cameras and a button. What will they be used for? It is not known for now, but thanks to the videos that Zuckerberg and Andrew Bosworth (director of virtual and augmented reality of Facebook) we can get an idea.

The Facebook Spectacles?

Filtered image of glasses - EvLeaks

Leaked image of the glasses – EvLeaks.

That Facebook has been behind smart glasses for a long time is no secret. Back in 2019, CNBC slipped that the company had teamed up with Luxottica (Ray-Ban or Oakley parent company) to develop augmented reality glasses. Later, this collaboration became official and received a name: Project Aria.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago the instruction manual for these glasses came to light. Thanks to him we knew that its design would be similar to that of conventional glasses. However, the design that we saw in this instruction manual is the one corresponding to August 2020 and there is some evolution with respect to the model filtered by EvLeaks.

Filtered image of glasses - EvLeaks
Filtered image of glasses - EvLeaks

Leaked image of the glasses – EvLeaks.

How will these glasses work? The truth is that he does not know. Project Aria is designed for help Facebook in its quest to create a computer that sees and understands the world. Sounds familiar? Exactly, because it is no coincidence that right now Facebook, among other companies, has started talking about metaverses and creating a virtual replica of our world.

In the instruction manual it was stated that the glasses had a total of four cameras capable of taking photos and recording videos and that they could be equipped with prescription lenses. Nevertheless, they don’t have a screen or anything like that, so a priori they do not seem to be a Google Glass type augmented reality glasses.

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And so we come to the videos that Zuckerberg and Bosworth have posted on their Facebook and Twitter profiles, respectively. In them we can see the two executives riding a kayak, playing golf, skateboarding, playing ping pong and even fencing. All videos are recorded at head level and in one of them you can even sense the glasses.

Can we say that these videos have been recorded with the glasses? It could, because in the ping pong video Zuckerberg states that “I am looking forward to sharing what we have been working on with Ray-Ban“. White and bottled. In any case, it will be necessary to wait until 6:00 p.m., Spanish peninsular time, to clear up any doubts.

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