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Fans will respond to Pacers’ TJ Warren in superhero mode in the NBA bubble

When Pacer’s attacker TJ Warren got caught up with Heat wing Jimmy Butler earlier this season and laughed at Butler Warren as nowhere on his level, it seemed there was little Warren could ever do to get revenge on his rival.

He dropped off Butler after being expelled from the game, and Butler blew him a kiss.

Butler is a five-time All-Star; Warren may never be voted into an All-Star Game.

“It’s soft,” Butler said afterward. “He’s not even in my … competition, nowhere near me. If I were their coach, I would never put it on me again. “

Now, however, Warren looks like a monster on a mission to build large numbers, possibly against the heat in a future post-season first round game.

He scored 119 points in three games in the Orlando bubble on a 65.3 percent shooting. On Tuesday, he scored 32 points in a 120-109 victory over the Magic.

Warren averaged 18.7 points per game before the NBA restarted. He will face the Suns, who shared it with the Pacers, next.

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Warren’s three-game stretch has certainly surprised many NBA fans:

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