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Facebook will release the Oculus Go: users will have full root access to continue using them even if they are no longer supported

Normally when a technology company announces the end of support for one of its products, the days are numbered. First it means no more development of new updates, second it means security updates only for a specified time. This is what happened with virtual reality glasses Oculus Go from Facebook, although now that is going to change.

The Oculus Go They were announced in 2017 and were the company’s first wireless cables, allowing more mobility and independence. However, three years later in 2020 they were discontinued. Facebook announced that it would focus on the Oculus Quest and that the Go would only receive security updates until 2022.

But there is good news, John Carmack, Oculus consultant, has announced that the glasses will be released. This means offering a version of the firmware that allows the user to have access root to device. That is, total independence from Facebook to update and modify virtual reality glasses. The Oculus Go suddenly have a new life.

Access to root It will arrive via a lateral software update that can be installed on the virtual reality glasses. Developers will be able to modify and then release updates on their own to modify and improve the capabilities of the Oculus Go, regardless of the limits that Facebook has been able to impose so far or whether the company has decided not to offer further support in the future.

For now it is something Facebook is going to do only with the Oculus Go, according to John Carmack. Those yes, hope it’s a precedent so that other devices also have this ending. When it arrives, it will probably do so on the official Oculus Go website, although for now neither Facebook nor Oculus have commented on the matter.

John Carmack and root access for users

John Carmack also indicated that it is something that he has long fought for to happen on the Oculus. As it well indicates, this could set a precedent for future obsolete products to be released and with full access for users.

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