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Facebook warns its advertisers: Apple is going to make them difficult

Update 14.5 of iOS, Apple’s operating system, includes a new privacy tool that prevents ads from capturing so much information from users, something that does a lot of damage to Facebook’s business

Apple’s latest operating system update for its iPhones and iPads is both a boon to its users and a kick in the mouth for Facebook: it makes it much harder to sell ads because it limits user tracking across the web.

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Apple has started to roll out iOS 14.5 and with this update the implementation of this new privacy policy and the requirement that applications must ask the user’s explicit consent to track it for commercial purposes, measures that will affect the Facebook mobile advertising business.

Facebook has sent advertisers a document, collected by Insider, describing the impact Apple’s new policies will have on their campaigns, with the goal of preparing for an audience that will gradually grant the new permissions to Apple devices.

This is because both Facebook and Instagram will automatically exclude users with devices upgraded to iOS 14.5 or iPadOS 14.5 from their tracking settings by default, warning advertisers that you expect a “fluctuating” audience to appear when they use the new privacy. options begin to configure.

The company indicates that faced with Apple’s request to enforce its request with the new version of iOS, it expects “people will slowly update their devices in the coming weeks,” but no “noticeable immediate impact on the reports. iOS Events “. And he has pointed out that with the launch of his new measurement tools and protocols on Facebook, he expects “immediate changes to the application’s campaigns”.

Also, keep in mind that the audience size may decrease as more users upgrade to iOS 14.5. This is because they are excluded ‘from certain segmented audiences’

Before the new iOS update was distributed, Facebook already announced that it would be making changes to its advertising and measurement protocols that would affect the configuration of Facebook’s commercial and advertising tools, audience selection, delivery, measurement, and data. reports.

Likewise, it has at all times expressed concern about Apple’s decision to introduce restrictions on the tracking of users for advertising purposes by applications on the iOS 14.5 system, with what it calls “ transparency in-app tracking. ”