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Facebook appoints new CTO and targets greater focus on hardware to build its “metaverse”

As announced by Facebook in an official statement, its current chief technology officer Mike Schroepferan will leave his post sometime in 2022. In his place, Facebook will place Andrew Bosworth as the chief executive officer. This change, beyond a simple administrative change in the company, It also implies a slight change in focus for the whole company, focusing more on hardware and consumer products than before.

Andrew Bosworth comes from the virtual reality and augmented reality division company (Oculus, Facebook Reality Labs, Ray-Ban Stories …). According to Facebook, it will play an essential role in focusing the company on more hardware to build the “metaverse” that Mark Zuckerberg promises. As stated by the CEO, “All of this is critical to our broader efforts to help build the metaverse.”

In his new role at the company, Andrew Bosworth will continue to lead the hardware group as before. But at the same time he will take on new responsibilities within the company, for example in aspects related to Facebook AI, the company’s artificial intelligence department. From his new position, report directly to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of the company.

Andrew Bosworth has a long history on Facebook. He came to the company more than 15 years ago and has worked on key aspects within it. Before taking charge of the hardware division, he has participated in the launch of essential services within Facebook, such as the News Feed or Messenger. In his new position, he leads practically the entire technology and operations aspect of Facebook as a company. As a curiosity, Mark Zuckerberg was a student of Andrew Bosworth at Harvard.

Consumer Products and Facebook

Selling hardware is not Facebook’s strong suit. In addition to being a historically software and services company, the hardware products it releases are immediately impacted by the reputation of its software. The clearest example is the reluctance of users to use devices such as Portal or Ray-Ban Stories due to privacy concerns. Or for example, the controversial changes in Oculus.


However, Facebook every time has bet more on this segment of the company. It currently has more than 10,000 employees dedicated only to Reality Labs (the virtual and augmented reality department). We have also seen the arrival of products like Ray-Ban Stories and the market dominance it has with Oculus in virtual reality.

For the promised metaverse of Facebook, the company wants to build a whole virtual alternative world where its users interact as in real life. This requires, first of all, devices that allow access to this virtual world. This is where plays a pivotal role Oculus and other Facebook hardware products like the Ray-Bab Stories.

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