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Fable Dev Team includes GTA V, Borderlands and Batman: Arkham Veterans

Last week, Microsoft finally announced that a new Fable is on its way from Forza Horizon developer Playground Games, but who are some of the individual people working on the revival? After Microsoft’s big announcement, a number of developers revealed that they were working on the new game via Twitter and other means, and the people at Video Games Chronicle have helpfully collected some names.

The lead designer of the new Fable is Will Kennedy, who previously worked as a level designer on GTA V and GTA Online. Most of Fable’s writing team, including narrative director Martin Lancaster, Craig Owens and Kim MacAskill, previously worked at Rocksteady Studios on Batman: Arkham Knight. Meanwhile, Juan Fernández de Simón (chief designer of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice), Hunter Wright (chief designer of Borderlands Quest), Adam Olsson (chief environmental artist of The Division 2) and Tom Isaksen (chief character designer for the Ghost Recon franchise) have also joined the new Fable team.

Fable will potentially include online interactions, but Insider says it will not be an MMO

Definitely a solid line-up of talent, and of course there are plenty of names we don’t know yet. I may be a little suspicious of so many Arkham Knight veterinarians on the writing team, but that game’s mistakes were largely gameplay-related. More importantly, the new Fable certainly seems to have many open-world experts on board, and that’s exactly what a game like this needs.

Did you not keep up with the new Fable? You can watch the game’s first teaser trailer here. This very simple description is all we know for sure now …

Fable returns with a new beginning for the legendary franchise. Explore a country full of fantastic creatures and wonderful places. Developed by Playground Games.

Fable is being developed for PC and Xbox Series X. A release date has yet to be determined. What do you think? Does the game’s development team look promising?

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