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Evening Desert Safari -A Sunset at the Terrain

The southern region of UAE is occupied by the golden territory of its conservation reserve. It’s not only an aesthetic contour of Dubai but also a hub to encounter real action. Visiting desert safari Dubai in the evening offers you multiple opportunities for recreational activities. 


That’s why evenings are the best time to explore this exclusive tourist attraction of the UAE. Scroll down your screen to get to know why you should opt for an evening expedition to a desert safari.

What to Expect from an Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

  1. Sand Activities


Get enthralled by rolling over the reddening dunes in a 4×4 hummer while dune bashing. Quad biking is another exhilarating sand sport to encounter on the terrain. 


The fun multiplies when the sunset cantaloup gives your hands-on action an aesthetic ambiance. Try balancing out on a sandboard and compete with your folks. These enthralling terrain activities are the ultimate choice of thrill-seekers.

  1. Camel Riding

Navigate the royal ride of the terrain and travel back in time. Camels are the means of transport of the nomads. The heritage camel ride is the recognition of the national ranch of UAE. 


Ride over its hump and discover the contour far and wide. Lock the stillness of reddening dunes to your vision from over the camel’s back.


  1. Camping Experience


The Bedouin-style camps catch the attention of wanderers. These camps invite you to have an insight into the traditional living fashion of Arabs. 


Stay in these perfectly pitched camps like nomads and forget city life for a while. These archaic epitomes are embellished with the details of the old era along with modern luxuries.

  1. Cultural Insights

The traditional aspects of desert safari revive the old Bedouin lifestyle. The beautifully preserved attributes of old Arabs are awe-inspiring to the visitors. They get indulged in activities like henna painting, Arabian attiring, and falcon photography. 


The striking moves of the national bird in sand astonish the bystanders. These cultural attributes represent the precious heritage of Dubai.


  1. Scenic landscape


The drowning sun is the most admired happening in an evening desert safari. The whole barren drowns in ecstasy when the sun show begins. It’s the best time to take out your camera and click the dynamic scenery.


 The rushing SUVs, the hopping gazelles, the glimmering campsites, and dynamic sand ripples. All of these and a lot more appealing components of the terrain are picturesque during sunset.


  1. Dinner at the Buffet


After soaking up enough in the scenic medium of peace, the delicious savory awaits you at the campsite. The BBQ and buffet sets in the welcoming of the guests of Arabian dunes.


 The eatery includes veg and non-veg dishes, mouthwatering desserts, and charcoal roasted BBQ. Besides, refreshing beverages, tea, and Arabian coffee with dates are also a part of the menu.


  1. Live Entertainment


Another cherishable happening of desert safari is its after sun stage. The tribune to unlimited entertainment sets in the middle of the terrain. Here, you can witness some famous dance forms of the UAE including Tanura, Belly dance, fire show, Zumba, and Stick dance. 


Get amazed by the fascinating folklore and folk Arabian music and celebrate your presence at the dunes of Dubai.




An evening desert safari is a venture full of entertainment, thrill, and serenity. It continues to amuse you from late afternoons till after the sunset. 


Starting from as low as 70 dirhams, you can live the best of your life experiences in just one place. So don’t check out from Dubai without visiting its national ranch if you want to collect some epic stories to tell!