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Epic Games Store finally releases its “Early Version” of Achievements

Performance or a similar system has been a standard feature on most gaming platforms for years, but the Epic Games Store launcher came without them. Epic first promised to work on performance in March last year, but in the end, most of their promised updates were pushed back. New store functions have been rolled out, but it has been a slower process than originally expected.

Well, today Epic announced that “certain” games available in their store will now include achievements, previewing one of them appearing in Ark: Survival Evolved …

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Not exactly the flashiest way to warn players of an achievement, but it should get the job done. As Epic mentions, performance is still in development, so further changes / adjustments are likely. As of now, the Epic Games Store doesn’t indicate which games have achievements to earn, so it’s unknown which titles aside from Ark: Survival Evolved may have added them.

Take another look at the Trello roadmap for the Epic Games Store, performance is listed among other important features such as mod support and price adjustment bundles under the “Next” drop-down list. Now that the performance has been delivered, hopefully some of these other features will pop up relatively quickly. Meanwhile, features such as donations and user reviews are vaguely listed for the “future.”

So performance hunters – glad they finally added to the Epic Games Store? Or will you continue to focus your efforts on Steam, Xbox Live and PSN?

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