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Epic Games is considering making a ‘Fortnite’ movie: the video game is no longer enough

‘Fortnite’ is more than a game. The generational phenomenon has not only been one of the bastions of Epic’s legal battle against Apple, but wants to go beyond the screens of our mobiles, computers and consoles and also become a movie.

This is stated in The Information, where they reveal that Epic Games is creating an entertainment division oriented to the production of audiovisual content. According to sources close to the company, “the division could develop projects that would include a movie based on ‘Fortnite’.

Laying eggs in other baskets

In Epic indeed They have signed several directors of Lucasfilm Among them is Jason McGatlin, who was head of the Physical Productions division of the company created by George Lucas and who now directs Special Projects at Epic.

Rumors about the possibility that Epic Games was creating a video game adaptation They have been appearing for months. A TikTok user shared several video clips of an alleged motion capture for a hypothetical audiovisual production.

The news contrasts precisely with the move Netflix has made in reverse recently: the company traditionally focused on the distribution of movies and series through its streaming platform has launched a project with several mobile games for the Android platform. In Epic Games they propose just the opposite, and from the world of video games they seem to want to make the leap to that of cinema and audiovisual content.

Via | The Information