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Epic appeals sentence after being defeated in its trial against Apple

It might not all be bad for Epic in the Apple judgment, but it certainly was. if there was a winner in this legal battle, that was the Cupertino company.

For example, Epic failed to get Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers to see Apple and its App Store as a monopoly. It is true that the company must now open the door to other payment methods for developers, but that’s not enough for epic, who has appealed that sentence.

Epic does not give up, but it has it complicated

The sentence in fact forces Epic to pay 3.65 million dollars to Apple for violating the rules of its App Store, in addition to 30% of what Epic has collected with its own payment gateway since November 2020.

The toughest defeat was the one affecting the vision of monopoly that Epic’s lawyers wanted to give Apple with its App Store. The objective was to ensure that the sentence required the possibility of open the door to other app stores —As it happens in Windows or Android, for example—, but the sentence ruled out such an option.

In fact, Apple is only required to allow links to third-party payment systems, but that requirement might not be enough to solve the problem that Epic and other companies like Spotify allude to: the App Store, controlled by Apple, will continue to be the only way to find and install software, although it may later be possible to pay for it in other ways.

On Epic’s appeal Epic’s goals with this court process are not clearly stated, but it is likely that even Apple will also end up appealing the sentence. The legal battle will undoubtedly continue to have ramifications, but today Apple seems to have succeeded, at least in the United States. We will see what happens in Europe.

Via | The Verge