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Enjoy Kabaddi Online in The Fantasy Kabaddi App in BalleBaazi

The Indians love Kabaddi, their local street game. Here’s how to enjoy the fun of Kabaddi games in the BalleBaazi app. All you have to do is follow some simple steps and get the BalleBaazi Fantasy Kabaddi app on your smartphone. We will show you the process and help you clear up all your questions and doubts.


Steps to Download and Install the Fantasy Kabaddi app

The BalleBaazi website has a few fun games that you can enjoy on your smartphone. If you are a Kabaddi fan, you have come to the right place. All you have to do is click on the Fantasy Kabaddi option and follow the instructions. You will have to choose to download the Kabaddi app and install the top Kabaddi app before enjoying the fun Kabaddi game online.


The app is designed to be compatible with all Android and iOS devices. You can download your favorite game from the BalleBaazi website. After installing the fantasy app, you need to sign in and create a player account. Every time you want to play, you need to sign in from this account.


Rules About Points in Fantasy Kabaddi Gaming

If you have to play fantasy Kabaddi in BalleBaazi, you should know the rules of the game well. Here we have shared rules regarding the playback points of the Kabaddi application to which you refer:


  • The team captain gets 2x player points while the deputy captain gets 1.5x player points.
  • Each of the first seven players gives the player four points.
  • The appearance of each team gives two points to the player.
  • If all seven of the first players are dismissed by opponents, each player loses two points each.
  • If your team pushes all the first seven players on the opposing team, each player gets three points each.
  • Players are rewarded with 4 successful touch scores.
  • Players are rewarded with 2 bonus points.
  • Each player loses 1 point in every failed attack.
  • The team scores five points in each successful battle.
  • If your field team of three or fewer players presses all opponents, the team gets 4 points to deal with.
  • Each player on the field may be given a green card (2 points), a yellow card (-4 points) or a red card (-6 points) depending on their performance on the field.


How to play Kabaddi in the BalleBaazi Fantasy Kabaddi app?


Now that you know the rules regarding the point system in the Kabaddi fantasy app, you can consider playing the game. Once you have installed the Kabaddi fantasy app on your device, here is how you can play the fun Kabaddi league in the fantasy Kabaddi app:


First you need to choose the best Kabaddi league you want to be a part of.


  • Once that is done you need to create your own team of 7 players.
  • You will be given a budget for 100 credit points. You need to form a team using these budget points wisely.
  • You can check the performance of captain and vice captain in previous games before choosing. Since they earn more points than other players, you need to choose wisely.
  • As a player, you can update your team members at any time before the game starts.


Unique features of the Fantasy Kabaddi app


People enjoy playing fantasy Kabaddi in the BalleBaazi fantasy Kabaddi app for the following reasons:


  • The Kabaddi fantasy app has made Kabaddi fantasy teams to resemble real Kabaddi games as closely as possible.
  • Score points in the best Kabaddi leagues are the same as those in real Kabaddi tournaments.
  • This is a great opportunity for all Kabaddi fans to check out their fantasy games and make quick money by playing for money.


  • The fantasy Kabaddi app is designed to work with all Android and iOS devices.
  • The fantasy Kabaddi app allows you to enjoy playing Kabaddi anytime and anywhere with a good mobile device and wi-fi connection.


Reasons to Choose BalleBaazi For Kabaddi’s Unique Thinking Game


Top of the Kabaddi app legends list, the BalleBaazi ‘kabaddi fantasy app is famous for the following reasons:


  • It is compatible with most modern smartphones and mobile phone devices.
  • Playing in the Kabaddi fantasy app can also help you earn quick money with your Kabaddi gaming skills.
  • There are some interesting similarities to choose from.
  • You can enjoy the Kabaddi mythology league anytime anywhere.
  • So, don’t wait any longer! Continue to download the best fantasy app to enjoy endless play during work hours.