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Elon Musk reveals what his favorite anime are, and it must be recognized that he does not have bad taste

It all started, as is usual with Elon Musk, with an innocent comment half seriously half joking, on Twitter, where it literally said ‘I can’t wait any longer to be on Genshing Impact’. It was a replica of a rumor unleashed on networks by miHoYo, developers of the popular free-to-play, who claimed that they were considering the millionaire to appear in the game, depending on the interactions generated by the tweet where it was announced.

The response was immediate and almost unanimous: ‘Genshing Impact’ players rejected the idea of ​​the controversial Tesla and SpaceX creator appearing in the game. miHoYo withdrew the tweet, but Musk, always ready to troll his haters, wrote about his approach to the game. Among the many responses he generated, the machine learning engineer Pranay Pathole, closely linked to Musk, asked him what animes he recommended to start in the genre.

The list that Elon Musk gave him cannot be said to be particularly original, but it certainly was. it is quite flawless, so there are not many buts to put to the likes for the millionaire anime. The tweet already has more than seven thousand retweets and three thousand responses, so whoever wants to delve into a literally endless topic, there is a good excuse. For now, these are the series proposed by Elon Musk.

‘Death Note’

Episode 06 Bloom

A classic recommendation for those who want to start in Japanese animation. It has everything: eccentric characters, soap opera plot, monsters and a quirky and distinctive aesthetic, all to tell the disturbing story of a boy who finds a magical notebook that kills everyone whose name is written on its pages.

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‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’

A true classic that mixes religious delusion, highlights and pop futurism, in a marvel that many fans consider that it has not been surpassed and whose cryptic conclusion still generates debate and interpretations. It is never too late to immerse yourself in this story of giant robots facing terrible monsters of unknown origin.

‘Ghost in the Shell’

Arton180177 1
Arton180177 1

Another essential piece to understand modern science fiction cinema, since without it there would possibly be no films like ‘The Matrix’. Its aesthetics and twists are still very modern and it is possibly the best adaptation of the literary cyberpunk philosophy that has been generated beyond the original books of the William Gibson genre.

‘Spirited Away’ and ‘Princess Mononoke’

Two masterpieces from Studio Ghibli, perhaps the most international anime creators, without ever losing their unmistakable Japanese stamp. The country’s ghostly traditions and a combative environmental message are the keys of these films with female protagonism and that are among the best of the study.

‘Full Metal Alchemist’

Image 2021 06 12 131 123 1080x609
Image 2021 06 12 131 123 1080x609

One of the series that popularized aesthetics steampunk at the beginning of the century, and also one of the most popular series in the West in the post ‘Akira’ explosion. In a parallel story to what happened in Europe after the Industrial Revolution, alchemy has become science, and two brothers will try to restore their bodies through the philosopher’s stone.

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‘Your Name’

your name
your name

The movie that internationally consecrated Makoto Shinkai, and that was a real box office revolution in Japan. It tells, in a very personal mix of science-fiction and adolescent romanticism, how after a comet passes through the Earth, a student who lives in a village and wants to go to Tokyo and a boy from Topkyo who wants to leave the city, they dream with the other.