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“Egan Bernal has a unique determination”: Matteo Tosatto, director of Ineos

The Italian spoke about what the Giro d’Italia has been for the Colombian leader. The account begins with excerpts from his story and a trusting relationship with the 24-year-old cyclist.

It seems less time, but it is a little longer. Matteo Tosatto feels the memory very close. However, six years have passed since he raced his last Giro d’Italia since he was one of the tireless workers that Alberto Contador had to win the Corsa Rosa in 2016.

The intelligent and courageous Italian was one of the Tinkoff’s route captains, one of those who appeared in the foreground when the cameras took the lemon green train that carried the Spaniard day by day, which took him to Turin to lift the trophy Senza Fine for the second time (the other was in 2008) and to become the first non-Italian rider to win in 12 years.

The current director of the Ineos Grenadiers was formed by minor episodes of spirited performances, such as when he won stage 12 of the 2001 Giro or the three days that the Maglia Rosa wore in 2000. A good result for a man who aspired to everything, but that he understood his place in the peloton, that he managed any race situation, or at least managed to do it.

“My name was not very well known. Journalists weren’t looking for me as much as they do now. Well, they did when I was the leader, but as soon as it was all over and I handed in the shirt, I went back to anonymity. You have to understand that behind the one with all the lights on top, there are seven or eight more producing in the dark”.

Tosatto debuted on the Tour in 1997, with number 49, when he was blond, so blond that people distinguished him for that, but not for what he did.

Although he was born in Treviso, in Veneto, a region where children desire to become cyclists and not footballers, his father was fond of motorsports. And at home, there was more talk about the engines and the battles between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna than about Francesco Moser or Laurent Fignon. Not even Bernard Hinault.

“It is still like that. My father watched cycling when he was in a race. He was excited when I dressed in pink. Not after. Now much less than I go by car”.