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‘eFootball’ already has a release date: Konami’s free football game is one day ahead of ‘FIFA 22’

In the world of soccer video games there are or, rather, there were two great competitors: ‘FIFA’ and ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’. However, Konami swerved a few months ago. Not only did he drop the title ‘Pro Evolution Soccer’ and called his game ‘eFootball’, but he confirmed that he was going to pitch it as a qualification free to play and as a service.

Now, finally, we know when it will. Konami has unveiled the official release date of his new soccer game and it is none other than September 30. It is not a trivial date, since it is one day before the release of ‘FIFA 22’, which launches on October 1 (although it has a four-day early access).

What ‘eFootball’ proposes

On the one hand, the most striking thing about the game is that it will be free. The game will be free to download on old and new generation consoles, as well as on PC. For now there is no news on Nintendo Switch. In the same way, the mobile game will be updated in 2022 to reflect what’s new, so there’s no need to download a new game.

And speaking of consoles, something striking is that Konami considers ‘eFootball’ as a platform. As such, will cross-play with all compatible devices. It will first be available on consoles and PC, but future updates will also include mobile gamers. It remains to be seen how Konami manages to balance the games and the graphics.

One of the keys to ‘eFootball’ will be cross-play with all platforms

Regarding the launch content, offline matches against the AI ​​or with a friend will be available. The clubs available will be FC Barcelona, ​​FC Bayern München, Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal FC, SC Corinthians Paulista, CR Flamengo, CA River Plate and São Paulo FC. the stadiums They will be the Camp Nou, Old Trafford, Allianz Stadium, Emirates Stadium, Allianz Arena and eFootball Stadium. There will also be weekly online events.


Regarding the content of the first major update, whose name is ‘eFootbal 2022’, Creative Teams mode will be included as a free update. The monetization model of the platform will also be presented, about which rather little is known right now. In Konami’s words, it will be:

“[…] rebalanced to ensure that all players can reach the same potential, regardless of how they acquire the elements of the game. “

We know, at a minimum, that there will be three currencies available in the game:

  • eFootball Coins: moneda premium.
  • eFootball Points y GP: currency obtained in the game.

These coins can be used to, among other things, sign players. In that sense, it should be noted that there will be four types:

  • Standard– Players based on performance during the current season who can be signed with eFootball Coins or GP.
  • Trending– Players based on specific matches or weeks of outstanding performance that can be signed with GP.
  • Featured– Selected players who can be signed with eFootball Coins or eFootball Points.
  • Legendary– Players based on a specific Featured Season that can be signed with eFootball Coins or eFootball Points.
Match Pass
Match Pass

In Creative Teams mode, the player can create their own team by signing those players and coaches they consider. You can choose “one of over 600 licensed clubs / teams to wear their crest, kit and stadium “, although authentic stadiums will not be available to all clubs.

On the other hand, the modes will be added Tour Event (matches against the AI ​​in tour format), Challenge Event (online matches against other players with goals), Online Quick Match (online friend) y Online Match Lobby (online matches one on one).

Finally, and regarding future updates, an edit mode will be added (to customize teams, kits, players and more), haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for PS5, Ball Traping (advanced ball control), Power Pass, Power Shot and other special blows, support for controls on the mobile and crossplay between all platforms.