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Dutch criminal journalist Peter R de Vries: Shooting Amsterdam

A prominent Netherlands reportage well known for investigating the criminal underworld was fired on the street in central Amsterdam and seriously injured.

A few minutes after he left a TV show, Peter R de Vries, 64, was shot in a chat show.


Mr de Vries’ work on exposing mobsters and drug kingpins is famous and has contributed to a number of high-profile cases solved by the police.


Three suspects, including the potential gunman, were arrested.


Mr de Vries was described by the Mayor of Amsterdam, Ms. Femke Halsema, as “a national hero for all of us,” a ‘rare courageous reporter who has been constantly seeking justice.’

The journalist was heading out from the studio on the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat when he was attacked just after 19:30 (17:30 GMT).

According to local media, five shots were fired at close range, and Mr de Vries, 64, was injured in the head.


He has just finished appearing on RTL Boulevard to discuss the story of a hairdresser who was assassinated in 2019.


‘Heartless attack’

Mr de Vries had previously been offered police protection after receiving threats for his role as an investigative journalist in criminal cases.


Mayor Halsema told the reporters that he was battling for his life and that the gunshot was “cruel and merciless.”

Two suspects were apprehended in a car on the A4 near Leidschendam, and a third was apprehended in Amsterdam.

Witnesses and CCTV evidence of the incident are being sought by police, who ask that the material not be shared on social media. Hundreds of videos have been taken off YouTube, according to the company.

‘Shocking and unfathomable,’ says the author.

The attack has shaken the Netherlands, with important figures across the country sending words of solidarity for Mr de Vries and the protection of all journalists.


After meeting with counter-terrorism officials and police in The Hague, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte held a press conference.

The shooting, Mr. Rutte said, was “shocking and unfathomable,” and that it was an attack on a “courageous journalist” and press freedom.

Mr de Vries was described as an “admirable warrior against injustice for the disadvantaged” by Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus, who paid tribute to an “outstanding journalist.”