During a pandemic, Live Nation announces drive-in concert series

During a pandemic, Live Nation announces drive-in concert series

NEW YORK (AP) – Tour promoter Live Nation announced its first-ever drive-in concert show in the United States for July, months after the live music industry crashed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The entertainment company announced Monday “Live from the Drive-In” – a series of nine shows taking place from July 10-12 in Nashville, Tennessee; Maryland Heights, Missouri; and Noblesville, Indiana.

Grammy-winning singer Brad Paisley will perform in all three cities, while fellow countrymen Darius Rucker and Jon Pardi will also perform in Nashville at Nissan Stadium. Nelly will perform in Maryland Heights, near St. Louis.

Concertgoers can enter the amphitheater parking lots – up to four people per car – and have two empty parking spaces between each vehicle, allowing fans to watch and party from their designated individual tailgating zones. Participants are encouraged to bring food, drinks and seats around their cars to view the performers from the stage and also from the large LED screens.

All site employees are required to wear masks, and Live Nation requires that participants wear masks upon arrival, with contactless cards scanned through their windows. Masks are not required once fans are in the designated tailgate areas, and Live Nation does not require fans to wear gloves.

Tom See, president of Live Nation Venues-US Concerts, said the company has worked for months to find a safe, enjoyable way to perform live shows during the pandemic.

“We are truly connected to partnerships with local jurisdictions (s), we have met them for months, and have only talked about how we can offer fans of social distance in the forefront a great, comfortable experience in what whatever phase they are entering. Because of those relationships and that communication going back and forth, we managed to get that green light, “See said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“It was very important for us not to do one and get ready. It wouldn’t be a Live Nation. It wouldn’t be the leader in the concert industry. We wanted to make a bigger statement. ‘

Nelly, who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut album “Country Grammar”, and Pink Floyd tribute band El Monstero are both from St. Louis and perform at The Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Pardi and rock band Yacht Rock Revue will perform at the Ruoff Music Center near Indianapolis.

Tickets go on sale for the general public on Friday. See that ticket prices will fluctuate by market, but they can be as low as $ 125, which is about $ 31 per person if the maximum number of four participants per car is present.

“I’m very excited to be doing this because I wanted to make sure that if we did something like that, the important things were resolved,” Paisley said in an interview with the AP. “My goal would be not to spread this virus to one person. There should be no distribution of this. That is the key. I just don’t think it is worth doing shows if we endanger people. “

“The idea of ​​being outside is great,” Paisley added. “I think it’s a fun way to watch a concert anyway. It would be nice if there wasn’t a virus.”

For the Missouri show, See said they have a capacity for 1,000 cars, while containing social distance guidelines. Grills and barbecues are not allowed, but concertgoers can bring pre-cooked food and drinks, including alcohol. Live Nation encourages groups to appoint a designated driver.

A menu of hot foods and non-alcoholic drinks is available for purchase, Live Nation said. People can place orders online and the items will be delivered in the designated tailgate zone.

Fans can only leave their pods to access some toilets, which See said get cleaned regularly during the show. Participants are encouraged to wear masks when leaving for toilets.

“They don’t have to walk too far to use the facility,” he said.

“The traditional drive-in, I understand, you’re stuck in your car and you get it through an FM transmitter. That doesn’t happen with these shows,” See said.

“We’re about the size of a double car garage to where you can park your car, get out of your car and hang a great tailgate for you and your friends, and listen to music through the right professional PA and great audio and video playback. It is really another aspect of drive-in and live. It is very experiential. “




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