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‘Driver’ will be a television series: Ubisoft produces a live-action adaptation of the arcade driving classic

The platform streaming Australian Binge and Ubisoft have reached an agreement to Adapt your arcade driving franchise ‘Driver’ into a live-action seriesreports Deadline. It is the first of a series of productions that the platform is going to carry out trying to attract the public gamer.

At the moment no more details about the series, its plot or if it will be based on a specific game in the saga have been revealed. There is also no data about the possibility of the series leaving the Australian screens.Although Binge has distribution agreements with companies such as Warner, Universal or Fox, so if the series is a success it would not be strange if it was seen outside the Antipodes.

Don’t run dad

The first ‘Driver’ came to the first Playstation in 1999 and automatically became one of the console’s iconic driving games. It put us in the shoes of an undercover cop (and ex-professional driver), John Tanner, who infiltrated a criminal gang. The dizziness of their chases and the enormity of the city where the action took placeIn addition to its flavor of a good seventies chase movie, like ‘Bullit’ or ‘Driver’, they made it a success.

The sequels were reaching a total of seven, none with the quality and style of the first. When the game deviated from its pure driving roots and into territories related to the hit ‘GTA’, like ‘Driver 3’, the saga suffered, but all the installments have interesting details of setting and style. For example, ‘Parallel Lines’ and its multiple cities, the portable ‘Driver 76’ of the infallible Sumo Digital, or the very rare, almost fantastic ‘Driver: San Francisco’ and its stories of possessions from a hospital, a la ‘Patrick’