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Don’t call it Google Play Movies, call it Google TV: the app is completely renewed and integrates Netlix, HBO, Disney + and more

Google Play Movies disappears, just as planned. But it does not disappear to go completely, rather really evolves to Google TV (something similar to what happened with Google Play Music and its change to YouTube Music). And we are not talking about a simple name change, but about quite a change at the interface and functions level.

It is a completely renewed application, with a totally new interface and with interesting functions. And it is that Google TV will not only allow us to watch the movies that we have bought on the Google platform, but it also integrates Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Prime Video and Apple TV.

An entertainment suite

Google Tv
Google Tv

Screenshots of Google TV.

According to Google, the change will be effective over the next few weeks, but the truth is that at least in Spain the URL of Google Play Movies already leads to Google TV. In any case, these things tend to go slowly, so the update is likely to take time to reach all devices.

The first thing we will find is a new icon, logo and name, as well as a much simpler interface. But beyond the interface, the most interesting thing is the integration with other streaming services. In this way, Google TV becomes a kind of multimedia entertainment hub.

When opening the app, Google TV will ask us what services we are subscribed to and will index content from these apps on the main screen. For example, ‘Ted Lasso’ (Apple TV), ‘Game of Thrones’ (HBO), ‘Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan’ (Prime Video), etc. will appear.

Thanks to these integrations we can have the content more at hand, explore content selected especially for us and create a personal list with movies and series from all platforms, all from the same application. Of course, it is still possible to buy and rent content on the Google Play Store.