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Disney has gone and made a “real” lightsaber and it looks so cool!

We have to be honest, when we found out Disney was going to buy the rights to the entire Star Wars universe, we were more than a little worried.

But you know what? Disney has done a pretty good job of keeping the franchise in check. And now they may have just gone out and made something that will make even the most casual Star Wars fan very, very excited.

As far as we can remember, the idea of ​​a lifelike lightsaber was just about the coolest gift we never got. Sure, you might get that retractable plastic thing, but it’s not the same as swinging around a real glowing sword that appears out of nowhere.

Well, maybe you can get your hands around that soon. Disney has provided a sneak peek at what we think could be the mo

The lightsaber is featured in a video released May 4 to promote a new Disney park experience.

And while there may be a little special effects mayo in this video, Buzzfeed revealed Disney patents for a lightsaber that works like a tape measure with two semi-cylindrical glowing plastic blades that unwind and retract into the handle.

The only questions we have are “How much” and “When can we get it”?