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Did Donald Trump lie about throwing the first throw of the Yankees?

President Donald Trump announced last week that he would throw the first throw during the Yankees-Red Sox game at Yankee Stadium on August 15, claiming he had been invited by team president Randy Levine.

“Randy Levine is a wonderful friend of mine from the Yankees,” Trump said as he spoke from the White House on July 23. “He asked me to throw the first throw. And I think I’ll do that on August 15 at Yankee Stadium. And I said, “What will the crowd be like? And it’s like, “You don’t have an audience. There is no such thing. It is going to be interesting. ‘

The only problem? The Yankees and White House staff knew nothing about the trip, it said The New York Times:

“Mr. Trump was not really invited by the Yankees that day, according to a person with knowledge of Mr. Trump’s schedule. His announcement surprised both Yankees officials and White House staff.

But Mr. Trump was so annoyed by Dr. Turn’s turn Fauci uncovered, an official familiar with his response said he had instructed his assistants to call Yankees officials and approve Mr. Levine’s extended offer of an opening pitch. No date has ever been set. ‘

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The New York Times reports that after the Trump surprise announcement, White House staff informed the Yankees that the President was unavailable to throw out the first pitch on August 15.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that he decided to cancel his trip to Yankee Stadium.

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