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Delaware Primary: How to Vote and Who’s on the Ballot

Tuesday will be the first test of several major changes in the way Delaware manages its elections. Due to a law signed in July, voters in the state can now vote without excuse by mail, vote early in person, and register anytime until the end of Election Day. Here’s what else you need to know about voting in the state:

Voter registration will be open until polling stations close Tuesday night in Delaware. You can register online here or at your polling station. Photo ID is not required to register, although new registrants will be asked to prove they live in the area where they vote.

If you don’t remember if you are registered, check online here.

In-person voting is open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the state.

Voters who have ballots can return them to a county office, with a list available here. If you’ve already sent in your ballot, you can track it here.

You can find the nearest polling station by entering your home address here.

Voters who plan to submit a ballot can find the address of the nearest dropbox here.

There is one contested primary for a statewide office in Delaware. The state auditor, Kathleen K. McGuiness, faces a challenge from Lydia York, a lawyer, in the Democratic primary. In July, a jury found Ms. McGuiness guilty of felonies in connection with hiring her daughter and awarding a contract to a consultancy that worked on one of her previous political campaigns. Despite the conviction, the Delaware House of Representatives chose not to impeach Ms. McGuiness this summer, leaving the choice to voters.

The State Democratic Party approved Ms. York. The winner will face Janice Lorrah, a Republican.

You can view a full sample vote online here.