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Data on alleged battery capacity of Apple’s ARM-based 2020 12-inch MacBook Leak Out

There has been a lot of talk about Apple reviving the 12-inch MacBook and recording it with its own custom chip for a release in late 2020. Apparently, that release may take place sooner than later, as official records show that the battery capacity of an unspecified said portable Mac. However, a tipster believes that this battery is for the ARM-based 12-inch MacBook, so let’s discuss this in more detail.

ARM-based 12-inch MacBook can hold the same battery as the current generation MacBook Air

The listed nominal capacity value is 4380 mAh, which means that the upcoming ARM-based 2020 12-inch MacBook is expected to have a 49.9 Wh cell. The interesting thing about this small detail is that the aforementioned capacity is the same as that of the current generation MacBook Air, so it has not been confirmed whether this is an updated MacBook Air or the ARM-based 12-inch MacBook.

Apple’s first iMac with the company’s ARM chip reportedly arriving in the first quarter of 2021

However, another tipster said the MacBook Air would be discontinued and people will appreciate its replacement. Not surprisingly, he didn’t mention the name of the replacement, but looking at how things are progressing, it’s probably the upcoming ARM-based 12-inch MacBook. One reason this notebook could become a customer favorite is that the rumor starts from just $ 799 and is said to be a powerhouse thanks to its 12-core custom A-series chip.

We say powerhouse because the 8-core A12Z Bionic in the Mac mini achieved very high single-core and multi-core scores when running the benchmarking application natively. Now imagine the kind of performance we expect from a 12-core chip that will also be energy efficient thanks to the 5nm node?

Of course, don’t think a lot of rumors flying around consistently means that an ARM-based 2020 12-inch MacBook will come out in the near future. Treat this information with a pinch of salt for now and we’ll see if Apple really plans to introduce this notebook in Q4, 2020.

News Source: Twitter (Komiya)

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