D Smoke Hits BET Stage represents Inglewood, BLM Movement

D Smoke Hits BET Stage represents Inglewood, BLM Movement

LOS ANGELES – It was an achievement of family and power. Inglewood’s own D Smoke performed with his brother, SIR and mother Jackie Gouche. It was a perfect opportunity for him to be a voice in the Black Lives Matter movement on the virtual stage on Sunday nights at the BET Awards

“To talk to what’s happening right now,” said D Smoke.

What you need to know

  • D Smoke performed with his brother and mother at Sunday Night BET Awards
  • The show was kept virtual due to Covid-19
  • D Smoke grew up in Inglewood and taught Inglewood High
  • Last year he won the Netflix contest “Rhythm And Flow”

“With lynching, so to speak of black men, you know black men and women, either by the police and in so many other ways – just simply celebrating black people,”

D Smoke proudly represents Inglewood, visits Inglewood High and also works there as a Spanish, engineering and music teacher – and even mentions one of his EPs, Inglewood High. He says the current movement is about looking at communities like Inglewood that go beyond stereotypes. Not just about equality between the police and the judiciary.

“To break up all these institutional images, ideas and concepts, false history that allows people to buy lies,” explained D Smoke.

He now has a massive platform to tackle such issues after winning the Netflix music competition show, Rhythm and flow last year, which made him a household name in the music industry.

“More people know my story and are interested in what I have to say and what I am going to do. No artist can ask for more than that, ‘added D Smoke.

Now he wants to use his voice to encourage the thousands of students he taught and Inglewood High.

“I was connected to them in class, so if I do the same kind of work through my artistry, the marathon continues.”

He hopes that through his music his connection can continue to break through the divisions of prejudice while everyone listens.