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Cringeworthy KFC Rejection Letter Divides Opinion

Student is stunned by KFC rejection letter – but she gets the last laugh

  • A rejection letter from KFC has flooded the internet after the applicant posted it online
  • Student Sophie Corcoran applied for a job helping herself through college
  • Despite having worked at another branch for two years, she “didn’t have the experience”
  • The refusal letter was fraught with puns deemed condescending
  • While some saw the funny side, others labeled it “stupid” and “unprofessional”








A crappy rejection letter from the KFC has divided opinion after the unfortunate recipient posted it online.

After working for the fried chicken giant for more than two years, British university student Sophie Corcoran assumed she was a shoe-in for a role at another branch.

But despite her experience, her application was rejected in a “condescending” letter filled with KFC-related puns.

Ms. Corcoran expressed her frustration on Twitter, posting a photo of the denial that read, “We’re cackling” elated that you’re eager to join our flock, but right now your skills aren’t the secret recipe the Colonel is looking for. ‘

This 'cruel' KFC job rejection letter divided opinion after hapless recipient posted it online

This ‘cruel’ KFC job rejection letter divided opinion after hapless recipient posted it online


Would you be offended by this rejection letter?

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  • No, it’s funny 1 votes

It continued: ‘But we’d love to hear from you again when you’ve got some more experience under your belt, so let us know if you’d like to apply in the future. Best wishes, Team KFC.’

The letter is said to have been sent by the team at a KFC in Thinford, Durham, in the north east of England.

But in an amusing twist, Ms Corcoran told Daily Mail Australia that she has since secured a position at a third outlet.

“I worked there for two and a half years, there was no reason for them to turn me down,” she said.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted KFC for comment.

While some saw the funny side, others labeled the letter “stupid” and “unprofessional.”

“What a stupid response from KFC,” one wrote.

‘I hate these kinds of letters. Why don’t they just get to the point and be honest instead of dressing up?’

A second added: ‘I’m more shocked by the bad puns. Sure, use them when you offer someone a job, but in a rejection letter?’

But others were less offended, with one person calling the letter the “most hilarious rejection” they’ve ever seen.

“Clucking hell, that’s hilarious,” said another.