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Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream premieres on the 1st commercial

Ice cream enjoyed by A-list celebrities can also be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Craig’s West Hollywood is a staple of the entertainment industry and a paparazzi hub. Stars like Lady Gaga, Elton John, the Kardashians and George Clooney (who has his own table) all dine on a random night at Craig’s. A-listers flock to Craig’s for the dimly lit ambiance, relaxed and warm family feeling and of course the delicious food, including an optional vegan menu.

Frank Sinatra Ted Allan / Mgm / Kobal / Shutterstock

For the stars and diners craving for something sweet beyond the dinner menu, owner Craig Susser launched Craig is vegan in 2018 – a dairy-free ice cream available inside and outside Craig’s doors. Diners at the restaurant and customers in the United States can order this guilt-free dessert on a case-by-case basis, including celebrities Emma Roberts, Blake Griffin and the Jonas Brothers.

On July 29, Craig’s Vegan releases its first commercial to the tune of none other than Ol ‘Blue Eyes, Frank Sinatra. Permitted on the Sinatra estate, the song ‘My Way’ sets the stage for a Hollywood hot spot as a woman dressed in a pink robe and hair curlers pulls up to the restaurant. In an ode to the classic song, this woman does it her way as she hurries through the crowd of photographers in a desperate rush. She points it to the kitchen and passes astonished dinners and chefs as she approaches the holy grail of Craig’s Vegan ice cream. She opens the freezer and takes a pack of Melrose Mint Chip, tosses the top in and grabs a spoon from none other than Susser herself. She stops in front of the restaurant and takes a pleasant bite for the waiting photographers. The commercial ends with Sinatra’s iconic words: “I did it my way.”

Craigs Vegan Ice Cream premieres with the first commercial to the tune of Frank Sinatra
Craig’s Vegan Ice Cream Vimeo

The slogan of Craig’s Vegan “Better Than Ice Cream” is made clear by the look on the woman’s face while enjoying one of the four flavors available: Melrose Mint Chip, Sunset & Strawberry, Kursten’s PB Krunch and Killa ‘Vanilla.

These flavors are available for delivery in the US for easy and safe consumption through the COVID-19 pandemic, with Susser employing 100 percent of Craig’s staff and partnering with various charities to feed frontline workers, serve meals in homeless shelters and LGBTQ youth centers.